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Sambalpuri Silk Saree

The brilliance, the glaze, the exquisite texture of silk handloom products, especially sari, is matchless. These are made according to the ancient traditional method practiced in Sambalpur in Orissa. The speciality of our products is that each item is individually woven by tie and dye process in which our weavers tie the yarn in segment and then dye accordingly to produce the designed pattern on the loom while weaving. Each sari is made of with mulberry silk with panels of contrasting motifs in the anchal or pallav (the end cloth of sari). The border and pallav are ornamented with extra warp and extra weft to enrich the value of sari. Sari, the nine – yard wonder has been a quintessential part of the Indian lady. But now it has created a place of itself in the international level.

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